Free App of the Week: Super City Run

15 Jun 2020

This week, the PJ Masks: Super City Run app is FREE to download for your little one to enjoy!

Those pesky villains have been up to mischief again and have stolen lots of things from around the city. Choose your favourite hero and start your adventure through the PJ Masks maze-style city. Catch the villains and collect the items they have been stealing, BUT make sure to look out for any traps they might have set..!

Collect the golden amulets that unlock your character’s special power, which will help you along the way!

For a limited time only – PJ Masks: Super City Run is FREE to download on Apple iOS, Amazon and Google Play!

Click here to learn about other PJ Masks apps.



New Levels Added to Hero Academy

8 Jun 2020

Two brand-new football levels have been added to the PJ Masks: Hero Academy app!

Help Catboy dodge obstacles and score a winning goal using on-screen commands. The app will teach children the core principles behind coding using logic and problem solving.

Go on an exciting coding adventure with the PJ Masks and help them on their nighttime missions to save the day! Swim underwater with Gekko. fly through the sky with Owlette and or speed across the city with Catboy.

PJ Masks: Hero Academy is available to download on Apple iOS, Google Play and Amazon NOW! Click here to download.

Thank You BIG Heroes!

14 May 2020

The PJ Masks are saying THANK YOU to all the big heroes who are making a huge difference during this time.

With these new Thank You Cards – your little ones can creatively express their gratitude to their real-life heroes – the people, teams and services they admire the most.

Click here to visit the Activities page and download the PJ Masks “Thank You” Cards.

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