Here to Help Your Little Heroes Develop

21 Feb 2020

PJ Masks is a show about heroism and empowerment, only our superheroes are children! Just like the PJ Masks, your little superhero will be experiencing their own “superpowers” as they discover the world around them. Providing your love, support, and encouragement, is the most important way that you can help your little one to grow strong both mentally and physically.

PJ Masks is your partner in raising your little superhero and helping them to overcome challenges both big and small. Check out the PJ Masks “10 superpowers” which focuses on skills for problem solving, emotional development, and social development. Developing skill sets early on in areas such as listening, persistence and self-control will help children develop meaningful relationships, be ready to learn in school, and navigate day-to-day challenges.

Read more about the PJ Masks “10 superpowers” to find out how you can help your little superhero practice these powers at home, with the help of their favourite superhero trio!



Free App of the Week: Super City Run

15 Jun 2020

This week, the PJ Masks: Super City Run app is FREE to download for your little one to enjoy! Those pesky villains have been up to mischief again and have stolen lots of things from around the city. Choose your favourite hero and start your adventure through the PJ Masks maze-style city. Catch the villains […]

New Levels Added to Hero Academy

8 Jun 2020

Two brand-new football levels have been added to the PJ Masks: Hero Academy app! Help Catboy dodge obstacles and score a winning goal using on-screen commands. The app will teach children the core principles behind coding using logic and problem solving. Go on an exciting coding adventure with the PJ Masks and help them on […]

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